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What is Stock Android?

Also known as AOSP (Android Open Source Project), Stock Android is the purest form of Android that is available. It is the most basic version of Android.

What is Stock Android
What is Stock Android

The purest one doesn’t even have the Google apps that we see on every Android device. It is the version on which every other version of Android is created.

This is a version that is given to smartphone manufacturers and then they make changes to it. Some make very big changes while some do very light customization. But whatever these manufacturers do, the end-users compare the UI with stock android to understand how good it is.

Benefits of Stock Android

There are various benefits of Stock Android. There is no bloatware in it. They have the real Android feel. It is easy to do security updates. No distracting UI. It is very simple and easy to use.

How are they different from Android OS that we use?

Companies like Samsung, Oppo, Vivo, etc. completely change the UI of Android. It feels good if you are habituated with their UI, but if you use them for the first time, you will prefer Stock Android over them. They do heavy customization, they fill their device with bloatware and they put various restrictions on the device.

The downside of Stock Android

While the features of these manufacturers may feel annoying to some, others may like them very much. If you are someone that is hooked on a company for instance Samsung or Xiaomi, you will not like Stock Android because it will have far fewer features than them.

Does any Android device come with Stock Android?

Currently, no phone provides exact Stock Android OS in smartphones. Even the Google Pixel devices come with certain changes, but you can get something that is very close to Stock Android.

For instance, Google Pixel and various Motorola android devices can give you a feel of Stock Android.

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